Left handed Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar


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Lefty Fender Standard Telecaster. MIM. It is purple old school relic/pawn shop look over the factory special edition metallic blue. Crazy paint done around 2007. Naturally worn since then. Like an old pair of jeans.  EMG H1(warm and full) in the neck from a 80’s Steinburger, Seymour Duncan Hot rails for Tele in the bridge( bite,bite,bite). 3 way toggle, 1 CTS volume and a Tesi Switch stainless kill tap button. Graphtech black Tusq nut and roller string trees. Shaller type Strap locks and nice, comfortable leather strap. Completely a hot rod electrically. It plays great and has always been setup and loved..Great frets,wonderful neck profile. Solid. Full robust tones. This has been my favorite guitar for over 10 years. Never gigged, just an at home player. No issues, it is a special and one of a kind instrument that you will not regret having. I did everything but the paint. Amateur luther lefty owned,(me) . It’s the original 5 hole pick guard modified to fit the EMG H-1 humbucker. I feel sad to sell it, but, I’m getting old and it is kinda heavy. Let this guitar live another life. I have 100% posi feedback because I don’t lie or need to. I’ll send it to you in a padded gig bag and packed well. Insured for sure. Don’t love it beyond belief ? Send it back. My old MIM guitar smokes anything new and I’m selling it for less then a new MIM. A real bargain with priceless character. Don’t let this one get away.  I’ll be glad to answer any questions about it. Thanks, Tony