Gibson SG EB3 Epiphone EB-0 wiring harness bass guitar sidewinder pickup w/choke


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This is a new wiring harness that is built to fit within the cavity of Gibson and Epiphone bass guitars such as the EB-0, EB-3 and SG. It is wired per the Gibson Series 1 wiring diagram for EB-3 bass guitars that were built from 1961-1972. This unit duplicates the 1971 model year which had a .068 capacitor on the neck pickup rather than a .047. New Alpha 4 position rotary switch, new Bourns 500k pots except for the neck tone which has a 250k. It has a .022 capacitor for the bridge and an Epiphone output jack. The switch positions are neck with choke, neck with choke and bridge, bridge and neck without choke. The choke is a 1.50 Henry rated (1.37 actual) Kent Armstrong unit. This harness has been tested on an EB-3 with the sidewinder and mini-humbucker pickups.