1961 Gibson SG Solid Body Reissue, hand painted Guitar with original case


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1961 Gibson SG Reissue Heritage Cherry Hand painted Solid Body with Original Leather CaseProduced Jan 5th, 1990Model # 90050559Production # 259Plays like butter and fits just right. Frets and pickup in good condition. Neck is solid. Hot Pink felt lined hard case. (Doesn’t get much more funky than that.) The artwork on the body was done by Leslie Lowe. She used a 2002 back-cover of Pentacle magazine as inspiration (Magazine and note from previous owner included.). 2 of the knobs are missing name plates but I have one that just needs to be glued on (see pictures).The case locks with a combination lock. Original instructions for setting combination on lock provided.If you have any questions at all, message me. I can take more pics and answer anything I might’ve missed.