1954 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Rare Vintage Electric Guitar


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This is an all original 1954 Les Paul Junior in the 2 tone sunburst finish. This is one of the coolest guitars to ever pass through my humble shop. The history that can be seen by looking at this guitar is astounding. The feeling of holding it in your hands is like being transported 62 years back in time and the tone it produces is hard to put words to. The really early dogear P90s are all different and this one is quite powerful. It’s got sustain, clarity, and packs quite a punch. The frets are full of life and the neck is as straight as an arrow, providing excellent playability up and down the Brazilian Rosewood fretboard. This is one of the only 1954s on the market right now, and while it isn’t mint, it is in great shape. There is quite a bit of checking on the back and a spot where the finish is completely worn off, but there isn’t much wear on the front. There is one ding on the lower bout, and a spot on the back of the headstock where the serial number has partially chipped off, but the serial number is still mostly legible and was thankfully written down when the checking began as to preserve the full history. Every inch of this guitar has been photographed thoroughly and if you wish to see anything not listed in the pictures above, I’d be happy to provide you with whatever you need to make a comfortable and informed purchase. I’m proud to be carrying this guitar and it is really a joy to play with. There’s something about 50s Gibsons that I haven’t been able to find in any other guitar. The playability, tone, and neck feel are unsurpassed.  If you have any questions about this or any other instrument in my shop please don’t hesitate to ask.Note to international buyers: You will be responsible for any extra charges that arise from shipping. You will be responsible for all taxes and fees that your country or municipality charges.