03 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Electric Guitar 5 A top?


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check it out! a one off les paul standard, for those of you that don’t know what one off means, (one of a kind ) this the most beautiful les paul I have ever seen.  it has all most no fret ware, there are small dings and dents,and scratches, and a bit of buckle rash, not trying to hide anything, but if you look at her (WOW) it is far out period!……….60 slim neck, pick guard never installed.no holes very cool!………….p.s. have been looking around and found out this color is called autumn burst,also found a 03 same year as mine cs 356 with the same type of top not many  around like this.the ebay number for the 356 is 272460395118 I added a pic of the listing!  I think these would be 5 A tops .. and put on there most high end customs…..W0W….so cool……….have put the standard truss rod cover back on.Rick 712-330-5000      make offer