“Sons Of Anarchy” One-Of-a-Kind carved custom Fender Telecaster electric guitar


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The SOA Telecaster. Built as a tribute to the fictitious motorcycle club of Charming, California by Doug Rowell , the same hand that carved the redwood slab table seen in the SAMCRO clubhouse on the FX TV show, Sons Of Anarchy.Started out as an old broken Mexican Telecaster and totally re-built for this project . Plays and sounds as great as it looks. Fender ash body Telecaster, 3 piece retro style Tele bridge, new maple Tele neck and board from Warmoth, “Li’l Puncher XL” humbucking pickups from GFS plus smooth 250k pots, new tortoise shell pickguard, engraved with the SOA club colors, Gotoh locking tuners. New plush leatherette case included.