“NEW” Squier by Fender – Telecaster Electric Guitar: Autographed by Sheryl Crow


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Bought new at an ASPCA Fund Raising Auction in Maine in 2008 and has never been played or even tuned.   This is, in essence, a brand new 2008 Fender guitar.  I have no certificate of authenticity on the Sheryl Crow autograph, but I doubt the ASPCA would risk a counterfeit signature.  Not being a guitar player, when I brought the guitar home I put it in a closet where it stayed until I moved to my current home where it has resided in another closet ever since.   Guitar was carefully & professionally packed for the move and was only unpacked this month so I could list it here.  Since it didn’t come with a case, bought a gig bag to better preserve it after I unpacked it.  Gig bag is included here.Now it is time to let it go to a real guitarist and/or a Sheryl Crow enthusiast. I researched on-line the value of a new Fender Squier Telecaster Affinity, but surprise, surprise, I didn’t find any that come with Sheryl Crow’s autograph. I have priced the guitar to be among the least expensive guitars of its kind and condition, including both new and used guitars.