Fender Telecaster & Squier Tele Lead Guitar Course & Neck / Action Setup Tips


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Lead Guitar Lessons & Setup Tips DVD Course Great for Fender Telecaster Players – Specific Setup Info For Teles/Strats+ Course Includes:- 2 1/2 Hour “Guitar Concepts” DVD Lead Guitar Lessons covering: Fretboard Fluency, Scale/Chord Connections, Arpeggios, Left Hand Technique, Solo Construction, Guitar Setup How-To (Proper Stringing for Tuning Stability, Neck Truss Adjustment, String Height, Intonation)- “Master The Fretboard” Ebook Course including:Tablature Examples for DVD solos,Fretboard Visualization, Scale/Chord Connections, Solo Technique, Speed Building Techniques, Solo ConstructionGear Tips & Guitar Setup How-To, Additional “Style” Chapters w/ Audio: Blues, Country, Shred, Player Style Chapters (Styles of Pink Floyd,Brian Setzer, Eric Johnson, Neil Young, U2, Guitarists of Ozzy, & More) 
Have you had the feeling that your playing has become “stuck in a rut”, and would like to break out?Would you like to expand your knowledge of the fretboard, building on what you already know?Would you like to set up your Fender Stratocaster, Tele, Squier, etc. for optimal tone and playability?
See the Feedback – This has worked for THOUSANDS of 100% satisfied customers.
“Guitar Concepts: Learn
& Apply Chords, Scales, & Arpeggios”DVD/ Ebook Course

– Gain a gut-level understanding of the relationship between Chords, Scales, Arpeggios, and how they relate to melodic/solo ideas.- based on our very successful guitar method (see our other listings)-excellent video and audio quality, camera angle during instruction looking at the guitar as you do when you sit and play.- including a chapter on guitar setup
covering stringing, neck & action adjustment, intonation, and even
how to adjust non-fixed bridges. – Allow 3-4 days for the disk (USA), you’ll have the ebooks ASAP.SOME MORE SAMPLES:

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