1969 Fender Telecaster Vintage Electric Guitar w/ Original Case


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Serial Number 263365…1969 manufactured.1969 Fender Vintage Telecaster Built and Serviced by Rene Martinez who everyone knows as the Guitar Technician to the Stars most famously traveled with Stevie Ray Vaughn through his career.These are getting hard to find, but a Hot Rod like this is impossible to find.Too many guitars and no time to play them, so your lucky day.Also have a 1965 Fender Super Reverb, that is a perfect 9.9 or 10 condition and plays like absolute new.Stevie Ray Vaughn obviously only played through Super Reverb amps, and 1965 was his preferred year and model.Message me if any questions.  This is a no excuses guitar.FREE SHIPPING….48 US STATES ONLY.  ALL OTHERS ADD TO COST.NO FOREIGN SHIPMENTS WITHOUT PAYMENT IN FULL.  NO CREDIT CARDS.