“Wild Thing” Custom electric Guitar, awesome upgrades,complete setup, soft case


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“Wild Thing”  is built around a
Fender Squier Affinity.  It has 14 to 1
ratio tuning machines, fret nut filed and contoured, semi-gloss finish Maple
neck which has been re-profiled to a flatter and faster feel and has TruTone neck shims and has a tight grain Rosewood finger board. The guard and the body
cavity are completely shielded. The frets were individually polished, checked for level, and
beveled for an unbelievably smooth playing experience, action set very low and
fast , low friction HD guides at the bridge, tremolo bar set and balanced for
smooth action without losing string tune and tremolo spring anti echo pad
installed. The body cavity is routed out bathtub style to allow any style
pickups the owner may want to install at a future time. The pickups are what
makes  “Wild Thing” truly wild. At the
neck is a Blaster Hot Rail (a Humbucker in a single coil size) having a high
output level and offering a warm tone with a pronounced midrange, the center is
an older Ceramic magnet Duncan rescued from another build, very sweet and
refined sounds, and finally at the bridge, a different brand Hot Rail with a Ferrite magnet and it JUMPS out at you with a snarl and a growl.  Both bridge and neck HUMBUCKER rails are
SPLITTABLE to allow a push/pull pot to be installed later to split the pickups
from Humbucker to single coil and back. The pickups were chosen to have a wide
diversity of tones and to sweeten this mix up “Wild Thing “ has had a mix
switch installed to allow 7 different pickup combos including ALL THREE at the
same time or neck and bridge plus 5 other selections for real versatility in
sound. Then, to preserve the tones when the volume is decreased, a TREBLE BLEED
Circuit was designed and installed  to
complement the pickups and the pot values and  will give the player a MAXIMUM range of tones
and playing control and it is amazing. The tone bleed circuit is installed to
prevent loss of high notes when volume is turned down, great to maintain the
clarity of the notes during softer sections when volume is turned down. The
pots are all upgraded LARGE body style and Fender 10 gage sustain strings were
installed.  DeepLoc strap mount anchors were used to keep the strap mounts in place.