Boss SD-1 Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal Made In Japan


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Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Guitar Effect pedal. Made in Japan. 1986 build date. Pedal is in Excellent overall shape. Pedal was dead when I received it. 4.7uf cap was dried up it seems as pedal has seen very little play in its life. Replaced all Electrolytics w/ Elna Silmics, and Elna tantalums (High Quality!) of stock values. Socketed the opamp and has a TI TLC2262CP (Personal fave) in there. Will also include the original JRC4558DX, and a Burr Brown 2604 AP. Pedal has also been converted to work w/ typical 9v power supplies, instead of the archaic 12v aca. Rest of the pedal is stock, including the Toshiba 1S1588 clipping diodes that are sought out in some of these earlier overdrive pedals.