Jay Turser

Jay Turser is a brand of guitar. Jay Turser makes acoustic, electric, bass, and jazz guitars as well as amps.

This company is known for some of the most well-made “budget” guitars available. The company received Guitar Player magazine’s 2004 Reader’s Choice Award for Ultimate Value for their JT-200 line. It makes a variety of models including flying v’s, double necks, hollow body archtops, les paul “knockoffs”, and many more models of affordable guitars. One unique model is the Surf Master, which resembles a Fender Jaguar but has 3 P90 pickups.

The Guitar line is making constant improvements in quality which have allowed them to surpass their competition.

One notable reason for their large expansion has been their association with MusicLandCentral.com , which sells approx 7,000 Jay Turser Guitars a year and is their largest world-wide dealer.

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